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About Us

Mr. India Grocers opened its first 1200 square foot store in back in 2002. The company started off small, offering only basic groceries and minimal varieties on product. In 2004, the store acquired an additional 1800 square feet and opened an Indian Movie Rental Section, in which complimented the grocery side of the business and turned a small store into a 3000 square foot functional business. After a successful 4 years, Mr. India Grocers sold the first store, and re-opened a newly branded and larger scale business in January 2006. Still in Mississauga, and servicing the surrounding areas of Oakville, Burlington, and Hamilton, this 5000 square foot store brought about many changes including a much larger variety in fruit, vegetables, dairy, frozen foods and other grocery product, as well as a large Sweets and Samosa and Movie Rental/Purchase section. The staff tripled in size along with the business, and has been vastly growing at a successful rate till date. With the ever growing and demands of the South Asian Community, along with the success of Mr. India Grocers today, the company has decided to expand the chain and cease the opportunity to better service its loyal customers by opening a second location in the heart of Mississauga. Located near the infamous Square One Mall, the second Location consumes 8000 square feet of land, and not only brings our customers large variety of product, but offers customers so much more. The Grand Park location has an in-house kitchen, where fresh foods are made daily and both hot and cold beverages are served. Customers can choose to dine in-house, or purchase food for take-out.

Mr. India Grocers is a proud Canadian company and prides itself in fulfilling the shopping needs of the Canadian South Asian and Non South Asian Community through product offerings, unique service offerings and superior customer service.